Dash DAQ


Purchase the Dash DAQ component suite: 16 components to build modern data acquisition GUIs in Python.


A Dash DAQ license purchase includes:

  • 🎛 16 premium Dash components for building data acquisition GUIs.
  • 📚 15 Python examples for connecting to today’s most popular scientific instruments with PySerial or PyVISA.
  • 🖥 License to use the Dash DAQ component library on up to 3 workstations by a single developer (e.g. a lab computer, an office computer, and a home computer). Multiple licenses need to be purchased for multiple developers.
  • 🙋‍♀️ Next day email support.
  • 🎁 Updates to the Dash DAQ component library for 1 year (includes bug fixes, new components, and new themes).
  • 🚫 Not for use in commercial software products. Please contact us for OEM licensing.

One Dash DAQ license per developer is required. E.g. if your lab has 3 Python developers building applications with Dash DAQ, 3 license purchases are required.  Please contact us for bulk pricing (more than 10 licenses).